3 New Guns and more in PUBG Update!

It has been quite a while since the release of PUBG Mobile Lite on 24 January 2019. The game has since then launched its Beta version in 10 regions. Some of them are Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. 19 March dev letter says that the dev team has gone through all the sincere feedbacks received from these regions and analyzed them thoroughly. Thus, they are ready with the details about a new PUBG update.

What is the new PUBG update?

The new improvements in PUBG Mobile Lite are as follows:-

  • Better gunplay
  • The dev team keeps evolving the ballistics in the game and so it is, this time also. You can enjoy better ballistics with this update.
  • Three new guns are being introduced-
  1. Beryl M762 – It comes with a higher rate of fire than AKM and is an epic gun.
  2. MK47 Mutant – It is ideal for mid-range combat and comes with Single and Double bullet burst modes.
  3. SLR – It comes with a high rate of fire.
  • New 3x and 6x scope attachments have also been added.
  • Zoom In and Zoom Out feature has been added which can be used in 6x scopes or higher. This will remove the problem of blurred vision in 6x or higher scopes.
  • A more realistic gunplay-

They have designed new gunplay where bullets can penetrate the player`s arms which gives a more realistic feel. Next, they will make bullets penetrate vehicles and water also!

  • Addition of Flare Gun-

The flare gun is an epic addition. It can call an aircraft in the mid game and request a crate full of arms or an armed UAZ for the player. It spices up the mid-game gameplay.

  • A more dynamic parachute system-

Parachuting system has also been improvised to be more dynamic. Now you can control speed and direction more effectively. They are also making the animation of the landing more realistic which will reflect the drop speed of the player.

  • A new reward system-

The game`s Dev team says that they are including a reward system that will reward players depending on the amount of time they invest in the game. A consistent player can earn attractive skins for their characters that will make boost their look and bring in some newness.

  • Improved Item Balance-

Until now, the players had to drop at locations with heavily concentrated buildings and battle with enemies. So, now the dev team is planning to make overall item`s spawn rate increase and also increase the spawn rate of AR and DMR guns. Also, the spawn rate of higher tier loot in small houses will also be increased. Vehicle spawn rate is also increased. The major focus will now be on survival and not on resources.

  • Strengthened Anti Cheat system-

A stronger Anti Cheat system will be implemented with the help of third-party solutions strengthened with PUBG team`s own data and knowledge.

For more information go through the PUBG Lite official website article. Also, read our article on how to download the game anywhere across the world.

All of this work underway is just a small step in the long journey of the evolution of PUBG Mobile Lite, it has gone through and will keep going on. This was all about the latest PUBG update. Let`s dive in the game too! Happy playing!

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