PUBG Tips to Win the Game!

PUBG is an enthralling game and different strategies can be tested and played in it. We are giving off some PUBG tips that can come in handy while playing the game. Also, read about PUBG Season 6 and how to download PUBG Mobile Lite.

What are the some PUBG tips that can help win the game?

Some of the PUBG tips are:-

  1. You can try Bridge camping if you want more kills. Bridge camping is blocking the bridges connecting sites with cars or other blockages. Then you just need to hide behind the blockages and hunt for more kills.
  2. When you see two or more squads fighting and you find yourself outnumbered then don’t fire as it will reveal your position.
  3. When blue zone is approaching you and you have to run fast then put away your weapon. You can sprint far more faster
  4. When you got no cover and you are taking fire, but you have got car, then blow up the car and hide behind the car for cover. Do remember to blow it up first because if you are hiding behind and someone blows up the car you will die in the explosion and your own trap will trap you.
  5. Do not run in a straight line. Always, run in zigzag manner, jump or crouch then zigzag again. This way you can avoid many bullets.
  6. If someone is trying to shoot you, don’t try to fire back. Instead, run for cover in a zigzag manner. But if you know the location of the enemy and can aim on the enemy and cover is far away then you should shoot the enemy down first.
  7. You can take some cover in the shacks if you are being shot but don’t hide there as a strategy. Because shacks have one outlet only which can be blocked or grenades can also be thrown inside it.
  8. If you want to play safe. Then jump in an area where you can find a vehicle and go to an area which is not in the route of the plane through that vehicle. It can be an epic strategy.
  9. Crawl while in last couple of moments and when trying to take a shot.
  10. Keep some space in your bag and keep removing the items that are not required.
  11. You can use ARs for mid-range fights, if you set them to single setting.
  12. You can use DP28 by single tapping the fire button quickly for mid-range or long-range fights too.
  13. You should experiment with different controls and sensitivity settings. These can be found in the settings menu.
  14. You should not pick up a gun fight if the zone is closing in on you. Zone and survival should always be the priority.
  15. Do not rush for air drops. Air drops require strategic gameplay. If you are sure you are safe then go for the loot. If not, find a spot near the drop for cover and then shoot and kill and get the loot from drop as well as kills. You can use the drop as baits if you reach early.
  16. If you find your enemy running in a car and you can’t destroy the car or get a shot at the enemy itself, then shoot at the tyres and puncture them. The car will slow down or even stop.
  17. Another tip on controls is that you should keep a balance between frame rate and graphics. But, most pro players prioritize frame rate over graphics.
  18.  If you are in the last circles and there is no cover nearby, and there is grass. So, go prone and remain on the edge of the circle.
  19. If you are not good at controlling your recoil then put on your gyroscope to scope only.
  20. Different armour is good at different time of battle. In the early game switch your damaged higher tier Armor with a level 1 Armor. But, in the end game switch your level 1 Armor with a bit damaged higher tier Armor.
  21. Last but not the least, you should use good headphones to hear footsteps and other ongoing activity around you.
  22. You should collect smoke grenades. You can make smoke wall when you have to rush for the zone and your enemy is aiming at you. Smoke walls are also useful when you are rushing towards your enemy as this will confuse you enemy. Smoke grenades are useful when you have to revive you team mate in front of your enemy.
  23. In PUBG survival is you topmost priority, when you are outnumbered by your enemy and they are rushing on you then there is no problem too back off and move to a secure location.
  24. Sharing and teamwork is most important when you are playing in squads or duos. When you know that your teammate is a better at a particular skill. For example if he better at sniping then there is no harm in giving your sniper to him. If your teammate is low on health and has no meds then you must give some meds to him.
  25. If you want to improve your skills but you are afraid you will bring down your tier then there are quite a few option for you-
  • Training Camp- You can practice Recoil, different attachments, different weapons and different vehicles at Training camp.
  • Playing on different servers- You can experience the full classic PUBG experience without the fear of losing trophies by changing server location. But the only problem is that you’ll get higher ping if you choose different servers.
  • Playing Arcade- You can play in Arcade Mode if you want to improve on your skills. Different modes within Arcade mode which will help you specialize in different skills.

That was all for now. We will keep updating you with more news, updates and PUBG tips. To download the game just go to Play Store.

Also, read about PUBG Season 6 and how to download PUBG Mobile Lite.               

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