PUBG Ranks

Here we are discussing PUBG Mobile Ranks. PUBG has a very fair ranking system. It divides the players amongst 8 ranks. Patch 22 that released on 2 Oct 2018 brings the new ranking system and more! To read the PUBG Guide go to PUBG Mobile Introduction.

PUBG Ranks

There are 8 PUBG ranks. These ranks are decided on the basis of Rank Points earned by a player over 10 provisional matches. Yes, you need to play 10 Provisional matches to get your rank. There is also a Top 100 Leaderboard also!

Note: These ranks are not fixed for the season, that is they keep changing according to your Rank Points earned in the subsequent matches. These are soft reset whenever the new season is launched! Then you need to play another 10 matches and the new rank is given by cumulating the final standing position from the previous season and the new seasons Rank Points!

What are PUBG Ranks?

  • The new PUBG ranks with their respective RP are given below:-
Rank Title Rank Point
Bronze 1-1399
Silver 1400-1499
Gold 1500-1599
Platinum 1600-1699
Diamond 1700-1799
Elite 1800-1899
Master 1900-1999
Grandmaster 2000+
  • PUBG has introduced a concept of queues, i.e. there is a different queue for solo, duo and squad matches. You will have a different ranking for each of the queues.  Which means you will have a different ranking in solo queue, duo queue, and squad queue according to the matches you play in each of them!
  • Again, these are further divided into FPP (First Person Perspective) and TPP (Third Person Perspective), i.e. there is an FPP solo queue and a TPP solo queue and so on for duo and squad!
  • To acknowledge skills, each queue has a leaderboard showcasing Top 100 best players globally!!!

You can decide whether to concentrate on one queue or go for all of them!

How are my rank points (RP) calculated?

  1. Number of kills and overall placement decide your ranking points
  2. Although, the higher number of points depending on how well you do!
  3. Your Rank tier and the number of players you are playing with is also taken care of to calculate your Rank Point for the match.
  4. You can lose Rank Point also if you do not play well.
  5. So, the key is to be consistent to reach to next Rank Tier.

For Example, the rank points earned by a Diamond player in a match can approximately be understood by the following scenario:-

  1. A Diamond player who wins and ends game killing 8 players can earn around 30 points.
  2. A Diamond player who wins and kills 1 player can earn around 20 points.
  3. A Diamond player who stands at 100th position with no kills, he loses around 20 points.

How is the matchmaking done?

The matchmaking i.e. the players you will play within a match is not decided on the basis of your rank or Rank Points. But PUBG Corp. says that it is done by a separate MMR.

This MMR is calculated on the basis of your overall performance in the game.

Although as you rank higher, the system is such that you will be paired with high rankers. A game with 10 players may not need such a system but PUBG certainly does.


Another update that has come with Patch #22 is that now servers or the region you will play on will be automatically decided. The region closest to you will be assigned to you. If the nearest server cannot occupy you then the next closest server will be chosen.

To read more about the ranking system and Patch #22 read the Steam Community article. To read the PUBG Guide go to PUBG Mobile Introduction.

That was all about PUBG ranks. Hope you liked the article and it was helpful to you! For any suggestions, queries or comments please leave a reply below. We will be more than happy to answer.

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