PUBG News: PUBG Mobile implements Age restriction in China.

PUBG has been around for quite a while now. The game swept over the globe within a week. It has till now been downloaded 100 Million times! But this addictive game has reportedly been found having a negative impact on the brains of children playing it. An alarming PUBG news is that steps are being taken worldwide to limit the use of game and also control the streaming of content that can be inappropriate for kids.

What are the steps being taken to control the negative effects of PUBG?

Steps are being taken by the manufacturing company of the game, Tencent and also by various governments.

Measures taken by Tencent:-

  1. Digital Lock System: Children below the age of 13 in China will need their parents to unlock the game for them, every time they want to play it.
  2. Facial Recognition and player ID checks: The gaming company has also started using facial recognition techniques to determine the age of the Player. Player ID checks have also been implemented to find out the true age of the player.
  3. Earlier in 2017, the company also introduced restriction on the amount of time a player can play the game and reduced it to just one hour!

Right now all these measures have been taken for China only, but the massive craze for the game in India, India may well be the next country they put a ban in. Chinese government put a restriction on the number of online games that can be played and the content they would show.

Meanwhile, Government of India has also been reacting to PUBG addiction:-

  1. Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) has issued an advisory against PUBG and similar games. Advisory can be quoted as “There are several games in which children can drive vehicles at boisterous speeds or murder zombies. These games are full of hate, deceit, misogyny, and vengeance and it may negatively impact their brain”.
  2. The government of Gujarat has also banned the game from primary schools. Various academic institutions consider that there is a direct relationship between violent games and the mental health of students.
  3. The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has recommended all the state governments to put a ban on the game.

Institutions have been claiming that playing such violent games leaves a negative impact on the minds of children. Also, the game affects studies and grades are slumping. The complaints don’t end here. They also say that it causes Myopia or short-sightedness in children. With all these complaints gaining weight, there may come a time when rigid rules and bans will be framed regarding PUBG and similar games.

Parents are divided on the topic. Some say that these games are fine and playing them is no big deal and some condemn the games. With everyone picking up sides for or against the motion, we leave the better of children to their parents and their own discretion. But in the end, all we would like to say is excess of everything is bad. So, folks that was all about this PUBG news. Stay connected for more.

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