PUBG News: PUBG Implements new Anti-Cheat AI!

PUBG is a humongous craze these days and especially so in Asia. The cutthroat competition and sheer addiction are driving players to use unethical methods or cheating! But the developers are also trying their level best for curbing these methods and this article discusses this PUBG News.

What are the new anti-cheat mechanisms being implemented by PUBG Corp?

The latest PUBG news is that developers have now implemented machine learning that is artificial intelligence methods to curb cheating. They have also tied up with third party anti-cheat solutions namely BattlEye and Uncheater.

10 steps they have taken to curb cheating:-

  1. Third party solutions have been collaborated with to ward of cheaters, namely BattlEye and Uncheater.
  2. Next big step is to implement machine learning that is artificial intelligence to study the players` usage patterns. Now, when a players` pattern is found abnormal, the required action is taken against it.
  3. Many anti-cheat solution companies and top tier engineers have been contacted to strengthen the anti-cheat guard of the game.
  4. The anti-cheat team of the game analyses around 3TB of game logs, 60 or so type of cheat logs and over 10 million reports every day to monitor cheat attempts.
  5. They implemented hardware bans and ban on macro mice as well back in November.
  6. They have around 100 people all around the globe who track and monitor activities that include selling these hacks on websites, messengers or anywhere for that matter. The goal is to ramp up attempts of hacking at the very basic level.
  7.  Also, if a hacker is caught in the middle game, then his account will be banned while the game is still on and a system message will be sent to all the players in their kill feed.
  8. Developers of the game have increased the legal action also. They are not only targeting hackers but also who develop, promote or sell hacks. So, to stop spreading of hack programs dev team has been collaborating with law enforcement authorities and overseas offices to take serious legal action against the wrongdoers.
  9. PUBG Corp has said that around 252 people have been arrested for making, selling or using hacks and most of them are from China. Around 235 were arrested in China and the rest 17 in South Korea.
  10. They are also investigating sales of hacking programs with the Korean National Police Agency along with tracking the hack developers themselves.

PUBG team has always taken its responsibility against cheat seriously. They have banned around 13 million players in the last two years. To read the full details go to steam community anti-cheat dev letter.

The letter from Anti-Cheat team of PUBG says each game of PUBG includes 100 players fighting against already incredible odds. So, even if one among the 100 wrongs, it affects the gameplay and fun of 99 and that is unfair. So, they need to maintain a higher level of protection from hackers and hacking. They say that they will always be devoted to this uphill task. These are the first steps against this long journey and they will continue to research and develop new anti-cheat mechanisms.

This was all about PUBG news on Anti-Cheat mechanisms being applied by the dev team. Also, read about the ban on PUBG in China and few states in India and how to convert your Battle coins into Unknown Cash.

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