PUBG Mobile Update 0.12.0- New mode, download link and more!

It has just been few weeks since Season 6 and Royale Pass 6 launch. And, The beta of the new PUBG Mobile update 0.12.0 has already gone live! Update 0.12.0 goes live with a lot many exciting and not so exciting features in it. Companions, two new weapons, crosshair settings, quick chat settings, new infinity mode and some survive till dawn improvements. All of this is out for beta testing and may reach all the players as the next update in as soon as a month.

What is new with the PUBG Mobile Update 0.12.0?

PUBG Mobile update 0.12.0 has many new features. All of them are listed here:

  • New Infinity Mode: Darkest Night- Stay alive for just one night and wait till you are rescued. This means that you just have to survive one night and all the teams that survive that night are winners.
  • The all-new companion feature- Yes, you can now take a companion with you to the battlefield. But hang on this is not a human, rather it’s an eagle that sits on your shoulder. It has its own emotes. It will dive with you from the plane and hover around when you fight. But it’s not visible to other players so it cannot give away your position to your enemies. You can earn companion EXP points by taking your companion to the battlefield with you and unlock more emotes from them.
  • Scope- There are new settings for the scope. You can enable quick scope switch. Next, you have 9 crosshair color options for no scope to choose from.
  • Red Dot Sight- You can choose the crosshair color from two colors (red and green). You can also choose from 4 crosshair color.
  • You can also change the holographic sight, 2x and 3x crosshair color. Again two option are available that are red and green.
  • Also now you have an option of choosing the color of blood that comes out of your kills.
  • Quick Chat- New addition has been made to this feature. Now you have a default voice and a classic voice and you can choose from any of them.
  • Another gun RPG-7 is coming to the zombie mode. Had it come to the main game then it would have disturbed the balance.
  • Survive Till Dawn improvements- Some additions have been made to the survive till dawn mode. Now Zombie can be stun by Stun Grenades and liquid nitrogen grenades can be used to freeze the opponents and reduce the speed. Jumping zombies and zombie dogs have also been added. Some zombies also climb over roofs and low walls. Zombies now slow down after being hit by arms.

So, this was all about the new features that are coming with the new PUBG Mobile update 0.12.0, that has already been launched in Beta version. You can download this beta version from this link- ‘Download PUBG Mobile 0.12.0’. On clicking this link, a file will be downloaded and on opening that file you can continue your download. The whole beta version is 1.8 GB in size.

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