PUBG Mobile Season 9 Release Date, Royale Pass, and more!

You would agree with me when I say that the current biggest buzz about PUBGM is the new update 0.14.5 and PUBG Mobile Season 9 and its release date.

So, here are the latest PUBG Mobile Season 9 leaks. We will keep you updated with the latest leaks of PUBGM Season 9 Royale Pass, Features, Theme, Outfits, Weapons, etc. In this article, we will also tell when the PUBG Mobile Season 8 will end and when season 9 will start. Do read till the end to get all the information. The information provided in this article has been tipped by Mr. Ghost Gaming. Here is the concerned video:

PUBG Mobile Season 9 Release Date:

PUBG Mobile Season 9 Release Date is 13 September 2019. According to what the Royale Pass timer says, PUBG Mobile Season 8 will end on 12 September 2019 5:30 am thus season 9 is expected to hit us on 13 September 2019.

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PUBG Mobile Season 9 Royale Pass:

The most awaited and attractive part of the new season is its Royale Pass. This time the Royale Pass Season 9 will contain new outfits, black and blue in color and Kar98k skin which is super cool. The Royale Pass price will be as per the tradition. The Royale Pass will be free for all to enjoy and play while the PUBG Mobile Elite Royale Pass will cost the same as in last seasons that is 600 UC, and the Elite Upgrade Plus Royale Pass price will be 1800 UC.

How to purchase Season 9 Royale Pass?

Skip it if you already know but for the first-timers-

It’s as simple as ABC, just click on the bottom right icon and you will get a message to spend UC for it. Click OK and if you do not have the required amount of UC with you, then you will be taken to the window to purchase the right amount.

The UC purchase price is as follows:

60 – US $0.99

180 (+10 extra) – US $2.99

600 (+60 extra) – US $9.99

1500 (+300 extra) – US $24.99

3000 (+850 extra) – US $49.99

6000 (+2,100 extra) – US $99.99

Thus, PUBG Mobile Elite Royale Pass Price will be US $9.99 and for Elite Upgared Plus you will need US $24.99. So, the PUBG elite pass cost in India will bbe 600 INR.

How To Get Elite Royal Pass for Free in PUBG Mobile?

There is no direct ethical way to actually get a PUBG Mobile Elite Royale Pass free but there is a method to earn UC and then trade it for an Elite Royale Pass is through India Bonus Challenge. Here is a Complete India Bonus Challenge Guide that shows how to earn UC in the game just by playing a few matches.

Once you buy an Elite Royale Pass, you do not need to buy it again, as you can earn that amount of UC by completing Royale Pass missions. All you have to do is to keep in mind not to spend the earned UC on skins, which you will anyways get through completing the missions.

New Weapon to Add New Spark to the Gameplay:

Weapons are a major part of the gameplay and new weapons remove monotonicity of the gameplay. Now, the dev team is back with a new powerful weapon called MP5K. It uses 9 mm ammo and loads 30 bullets at a time while the ultimate capacity is a huge 330 bullets. It has 3 firing modes – Single, 3 Round Burst, and Auto. It can also use Canted Sight.

The only bad news with this weapon is, that it will come exclusively for Vikendi map and not for other maps. Another part of this news is that it will replace Vector in the Vikendi Map.

New Vehicles for Effective Transportation:

New vehicles for Vikendi have long been promised but here they are finally arriving this season. Zima for Vikendi map will arrive with this update 0.14.5. Also Snowbike obviously for Vikendi map will arrive with this new update. The new Snowbike as reported will replace the old Bike. Zima is a jeep and cannot be blown up easily. It adds to the safety factor and Snowbike can give you better control on snow than the older bike.

What is the new gun in the Lab?

 The lab is always another cool attraction in the new update. The special effects and cool skins are always a treat. This time the new gun which will make its entry in the lab is the very popular UMP9. We will get to see the new kill effects, kill messages and the new skin it will bring with it. The wait for what the effects would be is worth the reward.

Rewards on achieving Rank Tiers:

The excitement of increasing ranks is incentivized by the rewards that you get on achieving the rank tiers. This time you get an awesome parachute skin if you achieve the Ace Rank Tier. Another reward is the frame that comes with the Conqueror Rank.

Another short video by Mr. Ghost Gaming on the leaks of update 0.14.5 and the first glimpses of the gameplay. Here it is:

New Outfits:

A huge array of new outfits have been designed for this season. They are all covered in this short video.

Other features:

That’s not all, there are more features that are expected with the update 0.14.5. A new face will also be added to the Appearance tab and two new emotes can also be expected. Another news is that the update will be an in-game update that is it will not come on the Play Store and the size of the update will be less than 500 MB.

So, this was all about the new features and leaks that are expected to come with the PUBG Mobile Season 9. Hope you liked our article. We will keep updating it with new chunks of news and leaks as and when they come. Bookmark this article and keep visiting it to check on the latest leaks. Also, read our article on PUBG Emulators. It has an in-depth discussion about which is the best emulator for PUBGM and also contains the controls for Tencent Gaming Buddy and Bluestacks Emulator.

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