PUBG Mobile Season 8 Release Date, Royale Pass, and leaks!

The PUBG Mobile Season 8 release date is 16th – 17th July 2019. Here we are giving away all the PUBG Mobile Season 8 leaks. Season 7 will end on 14th July 2019, so season 8 should start a day or two later. Here we will be discussing the new weapons and other things that are going to come with the update 0.13.5. We will keep updating this article with new leaks as and when they come. One thing we know for sure is that PUBG Season 8 and Royale Pass Season 8 are going to be even more fun than Season 7 and Royale Pass 7! Also, read our article on the previous update of 0.13.0 and 6 Best Gun Combos.

What is PUBG Mobile Season 8 Release Date?

The timer on the Royale Pass shows that the last date of season 7 will be 14th July 2019. So, as has been the tradition, the new Royale Pass and the next season rolls out after a day’s wait. That is if season 7 ends on 14th July 2019, then season 8 start date will be 16th July 2019 or at the maximum on 17th July 2019. This update will be 0.13.5.

What’s new with PUBG Mobile Season 8?

Season 8 will come with a new Royale Pass, new challenges, and new rewards and a lot more. The new Royale pass will offer new emotes, avatars, frames, and new skins. So let’s see what all new stuff the new season will bring.

  • One More New Weapon: A new weapon called PP-19 Bizon is going to be added to the game. This is going to be an SMG. It uses 9mm ammo. It has 53 round capacity. This weapon can be considered a better version of UMP9, but only time will tell.
  • Royale Pass 8 Rewards: One of the rewards of the Royale Pass 8 is going to be Portable Closet. Level 1 Reward of the Elite Pass will be Urban Scavenger skin. We are also going to get A blue DP28 skin, a yellow SLR skin, a SCAR-L skin. Also, a new UAZ skin. There is also a new yellow and orange helmet skin. There is a new item in the Lab Menu called Water Blaster for SCAR-L. Other attractions include a military operation suit and a new blue color dress for girls too. Elite Pass will cost the same as previous seasons that is 1800 UC and will give a boost of 25 missions.
  • Theme: The new theme for Season 8 might be related to Ocean as can be seen in the logo of Season 8 which has an Octopus arm rolled up in the figure of 8.
  • New Achievement Title: A new achievement title called Perseverance has been added to the game. The description says ‘You are a charming soul’.
  • New Update Size: This new update of 0.13.5 is not expected to be much large. It will be around 200-300 MB. Also, this update will not come through the Play Store, but can be an in-game update.

So, this was all about the next update of season 8. We will keep updating the article with new information as more leaks will come. So, keep visiting the page for more news. Also, read our article on the previous update of 0.13.0 and 6 best gun combos.

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