PUBG Mobile Season 7 Release Date and Leaks!!

PUBG Mobile season 6 ends on 15 May 2019 and PUBG Mobile season 7 started on 17 May 2019. We will discuss PUBG Mobile Season 7 leaks, Royale pass items, and theme. We will discuss the items of Royale Pass in this article. With PUBG season 7 also comes the companion mode, skins and a lot more! In this article, we are writing about what all exciting stuff has come with most awaited season 7. We will keep updating this article as and when we get more stuff about the next season.

What is the release date of PUBG Mobile Season 7?

Season 6 went live on 21 March 2019 and will get over on 15 May 2019. This date can also be confirmed from the Royale Pass section of the game. The next season rolled out on 17 May 2019.

What is included in the Royale Pass 7?

The Royale Pass 7 is out there and the inclusions are as follows:

  • The biggest addition is the EZ Missions that will be available to Elite Royale Pass & owners.
  • What is one of the most amazing is that at RP 95 you will get unlimited custom room access for 7 days!
  • Another very exciting we can expect is on tier 100. You will be able to choose from two skins after clearing tier 100. Yes, you will get two skins to choose from- Urban Scavenger and Assault Squad.
  • You will get yellow parachute trail at various levels and this will be visible only to player and teammates.
  • Also, at tier 70 you get the beard option! This can be viewed at the character page.
  • Another feature added is the Royale Pass Ranking Reward File.
  • There are 12 Royale Pass crates.
  • At tier 65 you get Military Operation avatar.
  • On tier 30 is pink and black plane skin called the Crimson Wings Finish.
  • At tier 25 we have got the Warning sign skin for QBZ.
  • We have got a backpack skin also tier 20 called the Urban Scavenger Backpack.
  • Other items include Lime Green motorcycle skin, a season 7 avatar frame, season portable closet, Blue phantom suit, and mechanized helmet.
  • The next are 2 new emotes!

What is new in PUBG Mobile Season 7?

Season 7 comes with some very exciting and useful updates. So let`s dive in the details of the upcoming season.

-> Companion: Another update is the companion. This companion will be a bird that will sit on your shoulder and go with you to the battlefield. The bird can hover around and has its own emotes. The bird would be invisible to the enemies so it cannot give away your position. To avail of this feature, you need to go to a place on Erangel and you will find some eggs there. You have to press the button hatch there and then you can have the companion for that particular match. Also hatching the eggs can be done on a first come first serve basis. If somebody has already hatched the eggs you cannot have a companion for that match!
-> Scorpion: New weapon called scorpion a machine pistol has finally been added. It has a 9mm ammo type. Also, It can attach a suppressor. It can also be called the most powerful Pistol. It is available in all the maps.
-> Last but not least PUBG is giving away free suits. Yes without buying a Royale Pass or even completing a mission. It is available in the Events tab below in the bottom right corner. Now find the Ramadan sign-in event. in that, you just have to tap and collect Skeleton Hand Executioner Suit on 31 May. Also, this is a permanent item.

So, this was all about the next season of PUBG Mobile. Keep checking for new updates on leaks and rumors about the upcoming season. We will keep updating the article.

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