PUBG Mobile Patch Notes: Version 0.13.0 Launched!

PUBG Mobile version 0.13.0 has now launched. And we have got full details of the update. With Call Of Duty Mobile Beta release on 16th May 2019, the competition for PUBG Mobile is high. But, PUBG Mobile is not going anywhere and is here with another exciting update of the game. Here is all you need to know about what all new stuff came with this update. Also, read about Fortnite season 9 and How to get free UC.

Patch notes for PUBG Mobile version 0.13.0?

This new version comes with new game modes, new weapons, and lots of other exciting stuff. So, let’s begin-

  1. A new gaming mode: A new mode that is Deathmatch has come to the game. Both FPP and TPP options are available in this mode. In this mode, there are 4 players on both the sides and after battling for 10 minutes, whoever has higher kills wins the match. This will be good for sharpening your reflexes in the shooting. Players can also make their rooms with room cards.
  2. Added Footprints: The players will now leave footprints and tire trails behind them. This feature will add to the strategic aspect of the gameplay.
  3. Added FPP settings: FPP settings have also been added. Now players can choose between FPP and TPP settings.
  4. New poses for Most Valuable Player: MVP Showcase system has been added at the end of each match. All the players will be showing off a default pose. Also, top 3 players in the Classic Battle Royale mode and the MVP of the Team Death Match will be featured.
  5. A separate button for climbing: A separate button for climbing has been made that can be enabled from settings.
  6. Friendly Fire: When someone dies due to friendly fire, then teammates can decide whether the player should lose merit or not.
  7. Godzilla Theme: Lobby will be designed according to the Godzilla theme and many themed events and rewards will also be available.
  8. Added Charisma Ranking: The permanent skins and weapon/ vehicle skins collected by a player add to their charisma now.
  9. New Achievements: Victory Legion: You have to complete 1/5/10/20 matches with Dominating tag in Team Deathmatch.
    Alpha and Omega: Do the first kill and the final kill.
    T-800: Be the Terminator once in a Team Deathmatch.
    Envoy of War: Complete a series of missions in Deathmatch.
  10. Another change is the Arcade mode opening timings:
    Monday and Tuesday: Sniper Training and war.
    Tuesdays and Thursday: Mini-Zone and Quick Match.
    Fridays to Sundays: All Arcade modes will be available.

Few changes have been made exclusively in Survive Till Dawn and Darkest Night mode-

  1. New building: A new building named Abandoned Factory has been added to the map. Also, it has great loot but it also has a new boss. It has replaced the old police station.
  2. New Zombies have been added to the zombie mode: Four new zombies have been added and 4 zombies have been removed. The names of the removed zombies are Tyrant, G, Licker, and Zombie Cop.
  3. Changes in Liquid Nitrogen Bomb effects: Now Liquid Nitrogen Bomb slows down players for a longer time as compared to the time it did in previous versions.
  4. Some zombies now have new powers: Tank zombies will empower your nearby friends and skinners will slow down nearby players.

So, this was all about the new 0.13.0 PUBG Mobile version. Also, read about Fortnite season 9 and How to get free UC. For more information on the topic please visit the official website.

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