PUBG Mobile Lite launched in India- New Weapons and more!

PUBG Developers on 25th July 2019 released PUBG Mobile Lite for India. Find the PUBG Mobile Lite download link for iOS and Android and its features. A new season has launched. New weapon and locations have been added to the game. PUBG Mobile Lite is the lighter version of PUBGM. It was made to tap the market with low-end smartphones. The game had been available in some Asian countries until now. But now, it has been launched for India as well. Also, read our article on PUBG Mobile Beta 0.14.0.

How to download PUBG Mobile Lite?

To download the game follow the below steps:

  1. For Android users click this link and iOS users click this link.
  2. Now, Install the game. The game will get downloaded.
  3. Let the virus scan run and open the app.
  4. Login with your Facebook account or as Guest, whatever you prefer.
  5. Enjoy the game and battle for survival.

What are the new features of PUBG Mobile Lite?

PUBG Mobile Lite is played on a 2×2 map with 60 players in matches of approximately 10 minutes. The developers have come up with some very interesting developments for the game. The developers took a long time to launch the game in India, so without further ado, let’s see what’s new:A

1. Aim Assist:

The facility is already available in PUBGM but the lighter version has a better version of it. Aims impossible earlier are possible now.

2. Recoil Control:

The recoil is lesser than the full version which also means better aim, which is also supported by a better aim assist than ever. Also, many guns that were great but had recoil issue will not be a problem anymore.

3. More time to kill:

Now you have to fire more shots to kill a person. This means you take less damage per shot and thus the gameplay becomes more aggressive to eliminate all the players. This can somewhat increase the game timing.

4. Location Display:

The mini-map will now display the location of nearby players. A feature which lite version did not have earlier.

5. Winner Pass:

Winner Pass is the Royale Pass for the lighter version. The seasons for this version will span over a month and the pass achievements will be designed accordingly.

6. Heal while you move:

Now you can heal in any position except prone. This means you can heal even when you are running from your enemy.

7. New Locations on the map:

Target Practice, Police Department and Valley are three new map locations.

8. New Weapon and New Vehicle:

A new weapon RPG-7 and a new vehicle Buggy has been added to the game in this recent update.

9. Building Density and Loot Supply Optimizations:

Building density has been increased and loot supply has also been frequented. This has been done to have faster gameplay.

10. Dismantle excessive items to redeem Rare Items:

Now you can dismantle excessive items into Silver to redeem rare items.

So, These were 10 Points about what’s new with PUBG Mobile Lite. ┬áHope this new season and the new features of PUBGM Lite are interesting and exciting. If you have been experiencing lag while using the current version, we recommend you switch to this version or use it for its unique features! Also, read our article on PUBG Mobile Beta 0.14.0.

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