How to Download and Features of PUBG Mobile Beta 0.14.0!

10 days after the release of version 0.13.5, PUBG Mobile has just launched the Beta version 0.14.0. This version includes a new Zombie mode, some improvements, and changes to Daily Missions, and new character system and more. This version is accompanied by the launch of PUBG Mobile Lite in India. Read about it here.

When was PUBG Mobile Beta 0.14.0 released?

The beta version of the game was released on 25th July 2019. It was accompanied by the India launch of PUBG Mobile Lite.

How to download PUBG Mobile Beta 0.14.0?

Here is a short guide on how to download the beta version. It is not mandatory to delete the stable version 0.13.5 if you want to download the new beta. You can keep both of them! So let’s begin:

  1. Click on this link for Beta version for Android devices and this link for iOS devices.
  2. Now open your File Manager and go to the Downloads section.
  3. In downloads section search for a file named-
  4. Open this file, you may first need to enable Installation from Unknown Sources. You can do so by following this path -> Settings>Safety and Privacy>Installation from Unknown Sources.
  5. Now wait for the installation process, it might take some time.
  6. The game opens and the only available method of Login is Guest.
  7. Login and you are ready to be an early beta tester for the game!
  8. If you have any feedback, submit on this link.

What are the features of PUBG Mobile Beta 0.14.0?

Tencent recently published a post on PUBG Mobile Subreddit. In which they mentioned the new contents of the beta. They wrote about a new Zombie Mode and new character system and other exciting stuff. They have even worked on some bug fixes and UI improvements. Let’s see what is new with the new version:

1. Android Resources Extension Pack:

Reduced the size of Android installation Package (download size of the game) and included a ‘Resource Extension Pack’, that is, an icon will be displayed which will download the rarely used resources when tapped on it. These resources will not come with the original update but can be downloaded anytime by clicking on this icon.

2. New zombie mode- Infection:

This mode is PVP. So, what happens is that all players are randomly divided into Defenders and Zombies at the beginning. Defenders can use firearms to destroy Zombies while Zombies have to use Melee attacks and abilities with cooldown time. Next is, that Zombies can revive themselves and defenders become zombies once ‘infected’ by any Zombie. In the end, if there is even a single defender left, then Defenders win while if all the defenders are converted to Zombies, the Zombies win.

3. UI adjustments:

Matchmaking and Settings are on the same page now.
The Classic mode now has Tier information.
Visual Effects of the game have been improved.

4. Daily Missions:(This feature is not yet available on the test servers.)

It is an interesting feature. Daily Missions are released randomly and if you do not find them interesting enough, you can switch them from the mission pool up to three times a day. Also, the number of daily missions have been reduced and rewards have been adjusted accordingly.

5. Character System:

The Character System has been updated. Now a companion/character will accompany each player from the start. The character will have only one skill at the start and that too can be used only in the EvoGround. These characters have outfits, emotes and MVP Emotes which can be leveled up. Play more matches to earn more and upgrade your characters.

6. Some achievements have been added a ‘Level V’ and rewards.

7. Some UI bugs have also been fixed.

So, this was all about the new beta version. Commenting on the above additions, it can be said no hardcore change has been made to the gameplay. The new mode ‘Infection’ does seem promising. Thanks and kudos to the PUBG dev team for it. The character feature though is quite similar to the existing companion feature and does not affect the gameplay much. As fans of PUBGM, we are still waiting for some more additions to the main gameplay. Do download this version if you want to be the first one to play the new mode infection or if you want to report some bugs and do your part as a player of our favorite PUBGM. Also, read about PUBG Mobile Lite launch in India and new season here.

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