PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Update Leaks, get Helicopter and more!

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update is just around the corner and can reach us anytime in the second week of October that is 8th-12th October 2019. The new update is super exciting as it has a new EvoGround mode called Payload. This can be the most exciting mode as it has new exclusive vehicles like BRDM-2 (an amphibian tank), Helicopter, new exclusive weapons, super airdrop, and the cherry on the cake is the ability to revive dead teammates! So let’s dive in the details of PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update leaks and release date. The PUBG Mobile Beta has already arrived on 18th September 2019.

PUBG Mobile update 0.15.0 leaks

What is the Release Date of PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update?

The PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 is expected to arrive in the second week of October, that is between 8th October and 12th October 2019. This super exciting update has a lot in store for us and is sure to glue us to our smartphones till they run out of battery.

How to Download PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Beta?

The PUBG Mobile Beta released on 18th September 2019 and you can get the PUBG beta download from here. So guys download the PUBG beta version and be a PUBG Mobile beta tester. Even iOS users may want to have a first look at the beta version but there is no PUBG Mobile beta iOS version.

What is new with the PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update?

The last update 0.14.5 was great but this update 0.15.0 brings a lot of action with it. So, here is what we expect will come with the most awaited update 0.15.0:

Note: These updates have already been released in the Chinese version and PUBG Mobile Beta version and by keeping in mind the tradition, there are fair chances of some of these updates being included in the Global version as well. But the surprise element will always be there as it is PUBGM we are talking about.

A New EvoGround Mode Payload:

A new EvoGround mode with some cool exclusive stuff is coming with the new update. This mode is called Payload mode and the highlight are as follows:

1. Gameplay:

Now we have Super Airdrop and also the ability to revive our dead teammates. So you can ask how can we revive our teammates in PUBGM? The answer is that when our teammate dies, he will leave an ID Card, which has to be lifted within 120 seconds and taken to a radio tower, which will revive the player and your teammate will drop down through the parachute.
Also, we have superweapon crates that are peppered all around the map and what makes them interesting is that their location will be visible on the mini-map. So, they are hot spots of activity with great benefits at great risk.

2. Exclusive Vehicles:

What makes this mode all the more attractive is that it has exclusive vehicles which means that these vehicles are available in only this mode. The first exclusive and much-awaited vehicle is Helicopter. We have been it from expecting since a bit now, but it is finally expected to come with 0.15.0 update.

Another exclusive and powerful vehicle that is making its entry is BRDM-2 armored vehicle which is an amphibian tank. This will be a game-changer as BRDM-2 is power-packed, you can drive it on land and water, and it is really hard to blow up. So here is a glimpse of it. Also, it will be available through Flare Guns.

3. Exclusive Weapons:

The new mode has some great weapons which also are exclusive to the mode. They are M3EI-A Missile, an RPG-7, and various grenade launchers as Short Barreled Grenade Launcher, M79 Grenade Launcher, and MGL Grenade Launcher. These powerful weapons are going to add a lot of hardcore action to the game.

4. Exclusive Items:

That’s not all, we will now have Vehicle Repair kits, as the name suggests, these can repair your vehicle, you don’t really have to find a new one every time. Another feature added is Air Raid Locator.

5. It will be available only in Erangle map.

So, this was all about the new Payload mode.

New Weapons:

As I said this could be the most exciting update, as they are introducing two new exciting weapons too. An SMG called MP5K and a pistol called Desert Eagle or more commonly called DEAGLE.


It is an SMG and uses 9 mm ammo.


DEAGLE or Desert Eagle is a pistol which uses .45 ACP but it is rumored that in the global version it will use 9 mm ammo. It is one of the most powerful pistols available in the game and as in the Chinese version, it can destroy a level 3 helmet! The pistol has a magazine capacity of 10 rounds without extended mag. It is further empowered by the attachments it supports. The attachments it supports are Holographic Sight, Red Dot Sight, Laser Sight, Extended Mag, Quickdraw Mag, and Extended Quickdraw Mag as shown in the figure.

New Map:

The new update may bring two new maps- Erangle 2.0 and an Aztec Temple Map for the TDM Mode.

Erangle 2.0:

Erangle 2.0 was expected to come in the update 0.14.0 but now it is expected to come in this update 0.15.0. The new Erangle 2.0 will have better contrast, more detailing, many objects added, better textures, sharpness, more rational colors. All combined it will give a more real feel to the game. It is a much-needed addition and we would all be glad if it actually comes. Won’t we?

A new Aztec Temple Map for TDM:

As we all know TDM mode has a single map and now the developers are planning another map. Though it is not necessary it will come with this update. Still, the new map is built around an Aztec Temple and has a rainforest feel. It will give a freshness to the TDM mode whenever it is released.

Gameplay and Other features:

1. Explosive Gas Can:

Explosive Gas Cans have been added to the gameplay and now they burst into fire when shot by a gun. The tale does not end here, they can burst even by Molotov Cocktail and Frag Grenade. So, this makes the game even more challenging as a little bit of carelessness can lead to elimination.

2. Ledge Grab and Sliding Effect:

Now you can jump and grab a ledge.

3. Graffitis to add fun to the game:

This update may bring with it graffitis that one can paint with spray cans.

4. Also, a new skin for the Grenade is expected to make its entry in the game.

5. PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update download package will be of about 500-800 words approximately and the update will come through Play Store.

PUBG Mobile Lite was made available in India a couple of months back, download it if you want from here. If you want to play the game on PC, then go through this article as it talks about emulators and their controls. And those who want to make some UC for free, do read this article on India Bonus Challenge!

So, guys, this was all about the latest coming update of 0.15.0 which is just around the corner and will arrive anytime between 8th – 12th October. Be ready, explore and have fun with this new PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update. Hope the article was useful and you liked it!

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