Wick`s Bounty: Limited Time Mode in Fortnite Season 9!

John Wick`s event called Wick`s Bounty started on 16 May 2019. It will have John Wick`s new skin. All this is happening in sync with the new John Wick movie, John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum. It’s just been a week and Fortnite is back again with something epic. They are bringing in this John Wick Limited Time Mode, his skin, wraps and a lot more. Also, read our article on Apex Legends Season 2 and PUBG Mobile Season 7.

John Wick Skin

What is Wick`s Bounty?

This is a limited time mode with John Wick as the center point. Another major development is that John Wick`s house has come up in Paradise Palms in Fortnite season 9 and a building similar to Continental Hotel can be seen in Neo Tilted.

Everything you need to know:

->The JW LTM will be a mode in which all will be combating against each other to collect coins (Bounty). Every player will start with some coins and when you kill an opponent then you get all the coins he had. Thus you collect coins and the top three collector`s position will be visible to all on the map. Thus you would be exposed and become a target. The strategy will make a very important aspect.

->The first squad to collect the specified number of coins will win the match.

-> Each player will have only 3 lives. Yes, you can respawn only 3 times.

-> The more coins/bounty a player collects the more visible he will be on the map.

->The LTM comes with challenges that are super easy and involve the combat Shotgun and Tactical Assault Rifle. The rewards include Gold Token Back Bling, One shot glider, Boogeyman wrap, and bonus XP. They are:

Challenge Reward Item
Win a match of Wick`s Bounty A new glider
Play 7 matches of Wick`s Bounty A wrap for your vehicles and weapons
Collect 150 Gold Coins 500 XP
Collect 25 Gold Coins in a single match 500 XP
Deal damage with the Combat Shotgun 500 XP
Deal damage with the Tactical Assault Rifle 500 XP

If you complete even 5 of the above challenges then you get the Gold coin Back Bling!

->This event can be played in solo, duos or squads.

->A new skin is coming and it is available in the shop. You can buy the John Wick Set which includes the John Wick outfit and Simple Sledge Pickaxe. The rarity of this outfit is legendary.

So, this was all about the new limited time mode coming in Fortnite Season 9 in its second week. For more information, you can visit the official website of Fortnite. Also, read our article on Apex Legends Season 2 and PUBG Mobile Season 7.

This was all the information about the new limited time mode. For more information stay glued to our blog and if you want to suggest a topic. Please comment the same below. Have a wonderful time playing!

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