India Bonus Challenge: How to convert BC into UC!

The new update of 0.11.0 version has been epic. With the epic Survive Till Dawn mode with Zombies and Resident Evil bosses, what is even more epic is PUBG Mobile India Bonus Challenge! Here you can exchange earned Battle Coins for Unknown Cash (UC).

What is PUBG Mobile India Bonus Challenge?

Finally, power to skill. Now, players can use their skills to earn Battle Coins which can be exchanged for UC. UC till now had to be either purchased from real money or through premium Royale Pass which again had to be bought from real money. This challenge gives players an opportunity to earn UC through their skill and talent. UC can further be used to buy rare skins for weapons and clothing etc.

This Challenge will be available for contesting on Friday, Saturday and, Sunday only every week and timings will be from 12:00 am to 23:59 pm.

How to play the challenge is given below:-

  • Go to Esports tab in the lobby and tap on India Bonus Challenge.
  • Go through and finish the Novice guide and you will get 100 Battle coins and 1 Bonus Challenge Voucher that is one Novice level ticket (worth 10 UC) for free.
  • To be able to register you should be above Lv 20 and your rank should also be above Bronze V.
  • There are 3 different levels you can register for – Novice (ticket worth 10 UC), Adept (ticket worth 20 UC), Expert (ticket worth 30 UC).
  • These tickets are available in Battle Shop where one ticket is for 10 UC. Therefore, for Novice you need one ticket and for Expert, you need 3 tickets that are 30 UC.
  • You earn points depending on the level you play in-
    • Novice – You can earn up to 300 points and extra 15 points per kill
    • Adept – You can earn up to 1000 points and extra 30 points per kill.
    • Expert – You can earn up to 1500 points and extra 45 points per kill.
  • In the challenge, 1 point = 1 Battle Coin and total points earned = Ranking points + (points per kill * no. of kills). For example – If I earn 700 ranking points and make 8 kills in adept then my total points or total Battle coins will be – 700 + (30 * 8) = 940 battle coins.
  • Players can redeem rare items and UC Packs in Battle Shop by exchanging them with Battle Coins earned.
  • Each day is divided into 6 seasons – Each season lasting for 2 hours. Each 2 hour season will include 1 hour for registration, 2 minutes for system assign room time, 10 minutes for you to enter the room and 48 minute game time.
  • You can register for 1 level in one season and for another level in another season. You can play 6 matches in one day at the most.
  • The categories of India Bonus Challenge are bound with area IP. Players in country A cannot see challenges held in country B.

That was all about PUBG Mobile India Bonus Challenge! Dive right through to earn as much UC as you can while the challenge lasts. Good Luck! For more information about the challenge visit PUBG Mobile Official Facebook Page.

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