Google Stadia– Cloud Gaming And Streaming Service by google!

Google Stadia is a cloud gaming and streaming service introduced by Google. It will enable you to play high-end games on even your mid to low end gadgets with only one condition that you have a good internet connection. It will render 4K Resolution and 60 FPS on your regular or low-end device. Not only this, it will be a cross-platform service that is you can play with players that are playing on tablets, PCs, and Smartphones all at the same time. It is tightly entwined with YouTube and is great for streaming. It may be paid or not, the business model has not yet been disclosed by Google.

What is Google Stadia?

  1. It is a cloud gaming service. Now what we mean by cloud gaming is that you do not anymore need to have a good GPU. The processing of graphic card and processor happens on a remote server. So, you just need to access that over internet through a good internet connection. That is how you can play these high end games on even low end devices. Now you do not need to buy a PS4 or an Xbox to play games. Only a good internet connection will do! Yeah it is as cheap as that.
  2. It is a cross platform service. By cross platform service we mean one of our friend can be on tablet other on a smartphone and you on a PC, and you can all play together in the same game.
  3. It is tightly integrated with YouTube. You can stream directly on YouTube with no extra software and what is even more interesting that when the stream video is playing, any of the viewers can join the game with just a single click on the button ‘PLAY NOW’. You will not be required to download any software and you will be playing with your favourite streamer within a matter of seconds in a browser window. This is called ‘Crowd Play’ by Google.
  4. Another great feature of the service is State Share. Through share state you can share your state of game that is your location, weapons you are carrying, your progress etc. with anyone through sending a link of your game. When your friend opens the link, he can continue playing as you from where you left. Q-Games is developing a game customized for this feature.
  5. Google has come with a controller to play games on this new platform. This controller has AI enabled and while playing you can simply ask google assistant, “How do I shoot this gun” and it will show you the top results. Help on the go!
  6. Google has promised 4K resolution and 60 FPS, but all of this requires great infrastructural power. So it works on 10.7 GPU Teraflops while Xbox One X works on mere 6.0 GPU Teraflops.
  7. Google plans to give 8K and 120 FPS in future.
  8. One of the main feature of this platform is going to be that you cannot download games. Only games that are on the cloud server can be played. These games need to be optimised for cross platform, state share etc. The platform will launch with three games available, Doom Eternal by id Software and Assasins Creed Odyssey by Ubisoft and an unannounced game by Q-Games.
  9. This platform makes gaming much more convenient as your game remains saved on the cloud and you can play your game from any device you own. For example you own a laptop, a tablet and a PC. So, you can play the game on your PC. But when are out of your home you can play the same game from same account from your tablet or your smartphone! Even Xbox and PS4 don’t give you this kind of freedom. They are limited to a single device.

When is the release date of Google Stadia?

Google plans to release this platform sometime in the late 2019 in United States. Europe, Canada and United Kingdom. Its India release has not yet been mentioned.

So, this was all about Google Stadia – the new cloud gaming and streaming service. This platform is the exciting new thing in the gaming world. We cannot be sure, but if google pulls it off as it has promised it, who knows it might well be the future of gaming!

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