Fortnite v9.30 Content Update and 14 Days of Summer!

Fortnite releases another patch note v9.30 content update on 25th June 2019. It comes with one new weapon and 14 Limited Time Modes called 14 Days of Summer. The developers keep adding fun and value to the game. They keep us engaged and never let us get bored with the game. This time they are back with more excitement and here we have mentioned everything about the newest updates in the game.

What’s new with the v9.30 content update?

  1. New Weapon: A new weapon called revolver has been introduced. It is available in Epic and Legendary variants. It fires medium ammo and holds 6 rounds. It offers damage of 63/66 and a headshot multiplier of 2. It can be found in chests, floor loot, supply drops, vending machines and loot carriers.
  2. Vaulted Weapons: Rare Tactical Assault Rifle, Impulse Grenades, Rift-To-Go, Pirate Cannon have been vaulted.
  3. Unvaulted Weapons: Uncommon and Rare Pump Shotgun, Shockwave Grenades, Suppressed SMG and Common Uncommon and Rare Revolver have all been unvaulted.
  4. Reduced Availability: The availability of some weapons like Tactical Shotgun, Burst SMG, SemiAuto Sniper Rifle, FlintKnock Pistol have been reduced.
  5. 14 Limited Time Modes have been added: Fortnite is bringing a fortnight of fun called 14 Days of Summer. A new limited time mode will be launched every day until 14 days.

What are 14 Days Of Summer?

14 Days of Summer are 14 days of fun. Each day a new limited time mode will launch. The fun does not end here, a new weapon will be unvaulted for 24 hours only. A new challenge and a free reward will be added daily. The Item Shop will also be updated for new outfits and more. All of them are described below. (They are not necessarily in the order of their release in the game)

  1. Heavy Metal Squads: Only those weapons which have ‘Heavy’ in their name can be used in this mode. It will also have faster metal farming rates. Also, storm times are faster.
  2. Storm Chasers-Surfing(Squads): Everybody will deploy with a vehicle at the start of the game. Impulses will keep dripping in the inventory. The last man surviving wins the match.
  3. Splashdown Squads: This mode uses Water Balloons! You need to throw these to score a goal. These balloons damage the other player. But our goal is to reach the goal score. The first one to reach the goal score wins the game. You can respawn in the match.
  4. Power Up Solos: In this mode, you have to become the most powerful player. You can consume as many shields as you can and fight to become the last survivor. You can respawn but only till a certain set time. After that respawn turns off. Max number of shields increase every time you use one and when respawn turns off, shields fill up to full. The availability of shield drops has been greatly increased in supply drops.
  5. Leave None Behind Duos: In this mode, Slurp Effect will always be on, while no teammates are down. Once a teammate is downed, they are immune to damage while all other teammates take damage as time passes.
  6. Use with Care Duos: In this mode resources are scarce. You spawn with a limited amount of building material and there is no scope of getting more material during the match. Dight to be the last one surviving.
  7. Headshots Duos: You need to be careful with your aim in this mode. You can only damage with headshots in this mode and all shotguns have been removed. The one with the best aim wins!
  8. Tank Battle Squads: Normal BR has been modified to increase the player’s health and shields. Siphon has been turned on and also increased to match with the increased health of trhe players. Ammo has been increased and there are no healing items.
  9. Builders Paradise Squads: It is the most fun for those who love to build. The structure health has been ‘Greatly’ increased. Also, resource gathering rates have been increased. Also, now any player can edit any player`s built walls.
  10. Wick`s Bounty Duos: Yes, Wick`s Bounty is back. You spawn with a weapon and 3 lives. You need to collect coins of other players by eliminating them. Eliminate high-value players and become the one to reach the goal score first and win.
  11. Arsenal (Solos): In this mode, you have to achieve the most with the worst. What this means is that you start the game with the best of weapons. But, every time you eliminate a player your weapons worsen. The player who first makes a kill with his last weapon wins the game.
  12. Rumble (Squads): This mode gives a newer perspective to the classic Team Rumble. In this mode, you can respawn and weapons are green or better weapons. The person who achieves the goal score first wins the game.
  13. Loadout Swap Squads: This mode tests your ability to adapt to changes in the game. On a set timer, you will be granted a new weapon. This weapon will be the same for all. You can respawn and the first one to achieve the goals score wins the game.
  14. Strategic Structures Squads: In this mode, you have to be careful in building and choose your building material also carefully. The health of metal and stone has been increased as well as resource farming of stone and metal has also been increased. The material caps of both of these has been lowered.

So, this was all about the new updates to the game. For more information on the topic visit the official site. Keep gaming!

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