Fortnite Season 10: What’s new in Battle Pass, map changes!

Fortnite Season 10 is expected to launch on 24th July 2019 and season 9 will end on 23rd July 2019. Season 10 will bring a new storyline, map changes, skins, emotes, weapons, Battle Pass, etc. Here we are giving away Fortnite Season 10 leaks. Fortnite season 9 has been epic with a great Battle Pass and awesome Limited Time Modes and new events. But Season 10 is going to be great too. It is coming with a new monster that can dominate the map as season 10 approaches. We had been getting clues of this monster on the map ever since season 8 on chandeliers, treasure map, etc. But it is going to form a major part of the Season 10 storyline now.
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What is Fortnite Season 10 Release Date?

Season 10 will release on 24th July 2019. Fortnite usually launches its new seasons on Thursday and ends its old seasons on Wednesday. But this time it is launching the next season on a Wednesday. One of the major reasons for this exception can be the Fortnite World Cup 2019 which starts on Friday 26th July 2019. If the new Season launches on Thursday as has been in the past, then it will give the world cup players less than 24 hours to prepare on the new map. Thus, probably the timer on the Fortnite Battle Pass says 23rd July 2019.

What can be expected from season 10?

Season 10 is lined up with a new monster, map changes and a lot more exciting stuff. Below is what can be expected:

  1. The Eye and the Monster: The Polar Peak has been rumbling ever since the volcano eruption and then an eye appeared there. Now, the monster that was trapped inside the Polar Peak and whose eye was visible for so long has now escaped. And judging from the footprint size it is way larger than the dinosaur footprint that has so long been on the map. Now the monster is lurking somewhere in the sea waiting to resurface at the right time. According to the recent updates in the game files, players might even listen to rumbling and splashing sounds on the island. There is also news that there might be waves coming out of the sea.  
  2. Map changes: Majority of the changes can be expected in the iceberg biome, especially the Polar Peak. The castle has been completely destroyed. The monster or the upcoming events of the last few weeks can alter the iceberg biome even more. The launch of season 10 is expected to further change the face of this biome.
    Another area that can be altered is Junk Junction and Haunted Hills as they have been untouched for too long now.
    There can be more points of interests regarding changes on the map.
    There can even be a new map that Fortnite team is being rumored to have been working on since a long time. But the chances seem slight.
  3. Battle Pass: Battle Pass this season is expected to cost the same as it has been in the previous seasons. The Battle Royale game although free, but to unlock additional challenges you need to buy Battle Pass which costs $9.99 or 950 V-Bucks. If you would have purchased a Battle Pass before, then you might have got the chance to earn 950 V-Bucks, in any other case you have to buy 950 V-Bucks for $9.99 and buy the Battle Pass 10. It will have another 100 exciting rewards which can be earned by completing challenges.
  4. Dragon Eggs and Theme: Dragon eggs also visible since a few seasons now may also hatch and we can have dragons as pets or there might be some other theory behind them but we can expect dragons the next season. We can even have a Jurassic Park theme this season.

So, this was all about Fortnite Season 10 leaks. We will keep updating the article with more leaks about Battle Pass, storyline developments, map changes, skins, weapons, etc. The announcement as and when the season arrives will be made on the official website. Also, you can read our article on PUBG Patch Notes 0.13.0 and Fortnite v9.21 Patch Notes-Horde Rush.

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