Clash of Clans Update: Spring 2019 Update brings skins and more!

The new update releases 1 April 2019. A lot of loot awaits this new season. This Spring 2019 Update brings in a lot of excitement packed with it. The new update also brings on monthly hero skins.

What is the new Spring 2019 Update?

All the features of the upcoming Spring 2019 Update are here:

  • Season Challenges: Season challenges are a new type of challenge with you as chief. You do not need to take part in them with a clan. They are specifically for you. Like clan games, you do not need to pick one challenge. They all are right there only for you. And you don’t need to follow the hierarchy, pick any you want! There are two types of challenges- daily challenges that refresh daily and monthly challenges that unlock every week.
  • When you complete season challenges you to earn some points, just like you earn some through clan games. And the more points you earn, the more reward tiers you unlock. There are 30 reward tiers in all.
  • There are two rewards levels- Silver tier and gold tier. Silver tier is free while the gold tier can be bought for $4.99. There are different reward tiers for both the silver and gold tier. With silver tier, you have access to some rewards but full rewards can be unlocked only by the gold tier, which can be bought for only $4.99.
  • Silver tier: You unlock various resources, magic items like potions, etc.
  • Gold Tier: Through Golden tier of rewards you can unlock 1 Gem Donations throughout the season and boosts in training, research and building time and costs. The final reward in this tier is Gladiator king skin for our Barbarian king! This skin is not available in the silver tier.
  • Another very exciting feature of the update is Season Bank. It is a brand new resource storage. The great thing about season bank is that whatever amount of loot you gain from your attack, a similar amount will be put in your season bank. Once the season is over, the deposits of your season bank can be transferred to your treasury. For example, if you looted 1000000 gold from your attack, then they go to your storages as always but the same amount goes into your season bank as well!!
  • But nothing is perfect, season bank has limits. Not all of your loot through the season gets doubled up. The loot doubles only till a certain limit. If you are on the silver tier, then you can add up to 5000000 gold and elixir and 50000 dark elixir. While with gold tier you can add up to 25000000 gold and elixir and 250000 dark elixir!
  • The most attractive feature of the update will be the monthly hero skin. This month it will be Gladiator king while next, we can expect skins for Archer Queen and Grand Warden. These skins are permanent and don’t end with the season.
  • They are also reducing building and lab research time and costs up to Town Hall 10.
  • The good news doesn’t end here. For Town Hall 12 players, some buildings and troops would be receiving a new upgrade level.
  • They are also going to reduce the training costs for expensive troops.

So, this was all about the spring 2019 update. So, as you must have noticed this update comes on 1st of April, so all of this or a part of it may be a joke! Let’s hope they don’t take away our Gladiator King skin from us!

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