Call of Duty Mobile Beta: Everything you need to know!

Call Of Duty Mobile launched its closed beta version on 16th May 2019 for India only and here is all you need to know- maps, characters, modes, etc. The game has been made with the alliance of Activision, Tencent Holdings and Garena Interactive Holdings. The notification of the release and download was sent to all those who had pre-registered for it. We had pre-registered and here we are sharing all that the game has to offer. Do read our article on Fortnite season 9, Apex legends Season 2 and PUBG Mobile season 7.   

When did the Beta version release?

The closed beta version of the game was released on 16th May 2019 for India. Before that closed alpha was released on 15th December 2018 for Australia only. Its worldwide release is yet to be announced.

What are the features of Call Of Duty Mobile?

It is a point of interest that how much of the PC version and other Battle Royale games have been adapted to make this new mobile version of COD. So, let’s start with the haves and have nots of the game.

  • It is yet only available on Android.
  • Modes: The game will come with three modes- Multiplayer, Battle Royale and Zombie mode. Only Multiplayer and Battle Royale mode have been added till now, that is in the beta version. Zombie mode is yet to be added.
  1. Multiplayer: It is the soul of the game as it has its legacy from the PC version and they have done justice to it in the mobile version also. It is fun to play and has many options for modes.
  2. Battle Royale: Not everyone has received this mode. We have received it and after playing we feel that it is not yet as good as its competitors like PUBG but it definitely offers something new which is you have to choose Class like Legends in Apex legends. Also, it has zombies along with 99 other players to fight with.
    It has a solo, duo and squad modes.
    It has a single map called Isolated.
    You can choose between TPP and FPP in between the match.
  3. Zombie mode: It is not yet released.
  • Graphics and visuals:
  1. Visuals in the multiplayer mode are good but the Battle Royale mode needs to be refined a bit more to level up to the visual of multiplayer, but still good.
  2. Graphics setting does not offer a specific number for the frame rate and resolution but the highest setting offered is Very High for both the cases.
  • Maps: Battle Royale mode has only one map that is Isolated. Multiplayer mode has many maps as Nuketown, Crash, Countdown and many more.
  • Class: Just before the game starts you are asked to choose a class which is what character you want to be. The class are-
  1. Scout: It can shoot a sensor dart that can see hostile positions in the radar map and also it can see fresh footprints of hostile units.
  2. Clown: It can summon zombies that only attack units near them and another power is Anti-Zombie. This helps reduce zombies` aggro distance.
  3. Medic: Place a medical station that heals you and allies continuously and can reduce the time required to bring back knocked down allies.
  4. Ninja: It can shoot a grappling hook that pulls you to the target and can increase stealth movement.
  5. Defaulter: It places a deformable shield and can raise resistance to all damage except bullets.
  6. Mechanic: It can call EMP Drones that do continuous EMP interference to hostiles and can grant augmented sight to vehicles, hostile traps, and equipment.

What you will love in COD Mobile?

  1. The graphics are very good. Although some people may not like the style of Battle Royale
  2. In multiplayer, there are many modes and many maps. So, you can find that pretty interesting.
  3. There are many new guns and the feel is also quite good.
  4. Another good thing is that you can open the scope and shoot with the same button. But, if you don’t want this you can select them separately also. This is a big time saver.
  5. Another thing that engages you is the helicopter. It is really addictive.
  6. Another thing we feel is that it is better optimized than PUBG Mobile as we ran it on low-end phones.
  7. You can switch between FPP and TPP while playing the game in Battle Royale mode.
  8. Also, the inclusion of class makes the game more strategic and interesting.

So, this was all about COD Mobile beta version. If you want us to write about something else also then comment in the comment section below. We will be pleased to write about it.

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