Brendan Greene, Net worth and more!

Nationality Irish
Birthplace Ballyshannon, Ireland
Birthday 29th March 1967
Height 1.75 meters
Weight 78 kg
Zodiac Sign Aries
Brendan Greene Net Worth $5 Billion
Occupation Game Developer
Ethnicity Mixed
Married Yes, but Divorced

Here we have assembled a Brendan Greene wiki that will tell you everything you need to know about him. So, let’s dive straight in.

Brendan Greene or the ‘Player Unknown’ as goes his alias is the lead Creative Director of the very famous game PUBG, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Surely, the game needs no introduction. With more than 400 million downloads and over 50 million daily players, the game is a huge success and takes the current Brendan Greene Net worth 2019 at $5 Billion. The game sends adrenaline rushing through the nerves of millions of players daily as they give there all to survive in the deadly matches. Download it if you have not yet downloaded it from Play Store or App Store.

He has seen immense success in the last couple of years but he seems unaffected by it. And He still continues to be the simple man, he has always been. In an interview with BusinessInsider in 2018, he says,

“I’m a simple man, and I’m happy when I have internet and a nice bottle of wine,… I dont want a fancy car. A nice house would be good.”

Adding further he highlights the importance of his daughter in his life and attributes his success to her. He says,

“For me, personally, I have a daughter. I do this for her. I don’t want to spoil her, but she will never need to worry”

brendan greene net worth

What is Brendan Greene Net Worth 2019?

Brendan Greene designed the game PUBG and since the Early Access, the game has got immense love from the community. The game had 200 million installs in 2018 which has increased to 400 million in 2019. Also, if you talk about daily active users, it used to be 30 million and in 2019, it has increased to 50 million. Brendan Greene Net Worth

But the biggest news is that it crossed the $1 Billion benchmark in its revenues this year. And left Epic Games behind! Last year August 2018 fetched a revenue of $25 Million, whereas this year that is, August 2019 fetched a revenue of a little more than $160 Million! Witnessing an increase of 540%.

Following all this excitement PUBG net worth 2019 and Brendan Greene Net Worth in 2019 has increased from $4.6 Billion (PUBG net worth 2018) to a whopping $5 Billion. Although Brendan Greene’s income is unknown to us.

PUBG Mobile net worth is also soaring as it became the highest-grossing mobile game as it grossed more than $146 million in revenue in May 2019.

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Brendan Greene Biography

How were early years of Brendan Greene?

He was born in Ballyshannon, Ireland in 1976. His nationality is Irish and his Zodiac sign is Aries. Let’s go through Brendan Greene’s biography.

  1. He was brought up in an army camp called Curragh Camp. The camp is situated somewhere in Ireland. His father was a military man and he served in the army for about 35 years and did a lot of work for the United Nations. He says that his father was there in Cambodia when it was having its first free elections.
  2. He did his graduation in fine arts from a local college in Ireland.
  3. After his graduation, he found that it better to be a DJ and graphic designer than to be a struggler in arts, as a career in arts was a difficult one to get into in his home town Ireland.
  4. After that, he even set up a recording and design studio with a friend of his and worked with a band. Brendan used to do all the artwork and videos and stuff for the band.
  5. Growing up he was not much into video games. Mostly, he used to play Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, and also Call of Duty occasionally. Other games of his time were Zelda and Metal Gear Solid, but he never really played them. He started playing Metal Gear Solid but he played the first one and got bored eventually and that was it.

His 30s and ahead-

  1. In his early 30s, he fell in love with a Brazillian girl, married her and moved to Brazil. He spent around 6 years in Brazil. But, he left Brazil sometime after his divorce.
  2. He has a beautiful daughter and dots her and often mentions her in his tweets. Also, he credits her for his success. Brendan Greene’s daughter is 12 years old now. Not much is known about Brendan Greene’s family.
  3. After his divorce, he was too broke. He did not have enough money to fly back to Ireland. So, he started working as a web designer and Photographer in Sao Paulo. Photography was a hobby since his early days. Once he collected enough money he flew back to his homeland, Ireland.
Brendan Greene and Chang Han Kim

When Career met Gaming and gaming met Brendan Greene-

When he was stuck in Brazil, he was quite bored as he did not go out much. And in that time he read about zombie-survival game Arma 2 on Reddit and instantly started liking it. Along with his friend in Canada, he installed Arma 2 to DayZ mod on a rented server and started playing and experimenting with it. After running that server for almost a year, he thought about giving a shot at making its mod. And this was just the beginning of a wonderful journey.

Modifying ARMA 2:

He started modifying games in 2013. And he modified ARMA 2 into a Battle Royale mod. Although, he was not paid for his work. But, it was this work of his that fetched him an invitation from Sony Online Entertainment Company to work on the game H1Z1.
Like all men who achieve great success, even he had a vision and an idea. He was bored with the current shooting games. As he thought that they were quite predictable, with small maps that could be easily remembered and thus the player mostly knew what to expect. But, his idea of Battle Royale could bring a revolution and sure it did. He wanted a player to be something more than just a player with a gun.

Developing H1Z1 for Sony:

Soon after he was hired by Sony as a consultant for its game H1Z1, he left the job, as the company split. But, before quitting the company, his version of Battle Royale was licensed in the name of Sony Online Entertainment Company, and he says that they have made the game an amazing one in the past few years.
He further says that he will go to his grave thanking Jimmy, Adam, and John. And that he wouldn’t be here if they had not given him the chance.

The journey of PUBG begins:

After Arma 2, he was working on Arma 3, and it was then that he got a call from Bluehole. As they wanted him to work with them on a new game with Battle Royale theme. So, it was 2016, when he started working with Chang Han Kim as his boss and the Executive Producer and himself as Lead Designer and 70 other developers. In September 2017, this legendary game was named PUBG- Player Unknown’s PlayGrounds.
He says he has a great boss in Kim and that they both are on the same page. Kim calls for the shots as he can think in so much more detail than Brendan. He also says that he has a great team that understands that he does not have enough experience with the technical side. And this is also a boon as he can now think out of the box and think about things that give the technical director a headache!

Brendan Greene PUBG

How did the name Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds come up?

Surprisingly, the title Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds came up as a result of copyright issues. As, if they would have kept the name ‘Battle-grounds’, they would have run into copyright issues.

Originally the name was to be kept as Player Unknown’s Battle Royale because he could not just call it ‘Battle Royale’. And there is a PlayStation’s Battle Royale, a Pac-Man Battle Royale, so getting inspired he decided to call it Player Unknown’s Battle Royale for Arma 3.

But, eventually, it became a different game. And he did not want to keep the same name as that’s what it was when he worked with them on H1Z1.

Further, he thought that Battlegrounds sounded much better for a ground with so many different types of battles.

Thus the name Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

So, does Brendan Greene play PUBG?

As the developer of the game PUBG, he himself doesn’t play the game much as he says he does not want to involve too much in the game mechanics. He has a vision of how he wants the game to evolve. Also, he feels that if he played the game too much he will end up making the game more according to him rather than what is best for the game. He does not want the game to be a version of his wants and whims, but only what is best for the game. Although he watches it a lot on Twitch.

Brendan Greene Age, Height, and Weight:

As mentioned earlier Brendan Greene’s age is 52 years and is height is 1.75 meters and his weight is 78 kg.

So, this was all about the Brendan Greene Net Worth and his journey so far. We hope you liked the article. Stay Connected for more.

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