12 Best Guns in PUBG Mobile!

Guns are an important part of the strategy of gameplay. Knowledge of good guns can be a deciding factor of who wins the chicken dinner. Some of the guns like M416 and M249 are quite famous amongst masses. We will be discussing them and others to give you a complete picture. In this article, we have written about 12 best guns of PUBG Mobile. Also, read our article on 6 Best Gun Combos.

Which are the best guns in PUBG Mobile?

Some of the best guns in PUBG Mobile are given below:

  • DMRs-

Mini-14 (5.56mm), SLR (7.62mm) and QBU (5.56mm) all have been chosen for short range combat as all of them can use 8x scope and have high damage. You can also fire them rapidly by quickly tapping on the fire button. They can be easily found on the map. But keep in mind that QBU is a Sanhok exclusive weapon.

  • M249-

It is one of the best guns in the game and is also an air drop exclusive. It uses 5.56mm ammo. Its main highlight is that it has a magazine size of 100. Its spray can wipe out whole squads due to its sheer magazine size and high rate of fire. Its recoil is manageable but it is not as good as some of the other guns in PUBG. Recoil is further more manageable when you go prone because it also has a stand. It has decent damage.

  • Groza-

GROZA is the better version of AKM, but it can be obtained only through air drops. It uses 7.62mm  ammo type. It has less recoil than AKM but it is still there. It has one of the best rate of fire and damage in the game. This gun is made for close combats but you can try using it for mid range combat by switching it to single firing mode.

  • AUG A3-

AUG A3 is the big brother of M416. It uses 5.56 ammo type just like M416. Even this is an airdrop exclusive weapon. It has lesser recoil than even M416, which helps in spraying bullets and it has lesser bullet fall than M416. The only downside is that reload time is marginally more than M416. This gun can be used in mid to close range combats.

  • M416-

M416 offers very less recoil and has good damage. It is also considered an all rounder Assault Rifle for close range and mid range combat. Its ammo type is 5.56mm.

  • M762-

M762 has high damage per second and also manageable recoil and is a very good Assault Rifle that is, if you can control little recoil. Its ammo type 7.62mm.

  • AKM-

AKM (7.62mm) has very high damage per second and is a beast in close range combat, but has very high recoil.

  • DP-28-

DP-28 is a very versatile weapon. It uses 7.62 mm ammo type and has a very good damage which is comparable to several DMRs. This weapon can be used for long range and primarily for mid range. To fire long range shots you need to tap fire button quickly several times. Once you master this weapon, this weapon is very powerful. This performs great even in short range close combats. It has very less recoil. It has a stand which helps you when you go prone. It has one of the best magazine size that is 47 bullets. But the only downside to the weapon is that its reload time is high.

  • Mk47-

Mk47 is an airdrop exclusive weapon and is a 7.62mm ammo type. It’s a very deadly weapon because it has a single as well as auto firing mode. But its magazine can only hold 10 bullets at a time. Its damage is very high. If used coupled with an 8x scope, it can be used for sniping. It’s the best DMR. Its auto mode is very deadly for those who can aim nicely in close range.

  • Kar98K-

Kar98K is very sought for Sniper. Its ammo type is 7.62mm. It is a bolt action sniper. It is commonly available on the map. Its headshot can completely damage a level 2 helmet and can knock down a person with a level 1 helmet. Players with level 1 vest can also be knocked down in 2-3 shots. It is only suitable for sniping for long ranges.

  • M24-

M24 is an amazing weapon for sniping. It is better than Kar98k because of several reasons. It has ammo type of 7.62mm. It has a much better reload time than Kar98K. It can knock down a Level 2 helmet player. It gives a tough fight to AWM, because its ammo is easily available on map while AWM`s is not.

  • AWM-

AWM is also known as artic warfare magnum. It is a bolt action sniper. It is an airdrop exclusive weapon. It uses .300 magnum ammo which too is an airdrop exclusive. It has the highest damage in guns. It is the most deadly weapon because it can knock down a player with level 3 helmet. It is the most loved sniper in the game. The only downside to the weapon is that its ammo is limited and can only be obtained from air drops. It is only suitable for sniping from long ranges.

This was all about the best guns in PUBG Mobile. Do read our article about the best gun combos in the game and pro tips to win the game.

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