Apex Legends Season 2 Release Date, Legends, Weapons and more!

Apex Legends has seen tremendous success since its release and the launch of season 1 just amplified it. We are just halfway through the season 1 and we have started speculating what’s new with season 2 and its release date.

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What is Apex Legends Season 2 release date?

Apex Legends started on Tuesday, 19th March 2019. And now according to that accidental release of PS4 about a little bit of info, it said that season 1 would end on 18th June 2019 at 2 pm Eastern. But this is just an expected date from Dot eSports as there is no official confirmation from Respawn Entertainment. Thus season 2 can be expected in a matter of days!

What’s new with the Apex Legends season 2?

  1. Season 2 might come up with daily/weekly challenges which were not included in the first Battle Pass. Season 1 did not include any challenges as the developers wanted the players to have a hang of the game and experiment with different legends and strategies rather than focus on going for achievements.
  2. Respawn has confirmed that it will make the second Battle Pass more meaningful. It may contain more skins and other items that people really want rather than just badges.
  3. There may be the debut of a new weapon.
  4. It will contain two new legends also.
  5. Also, they posted that you didn’t expect that Grand Canyon will remain the same always. This means there are new map changes coming through with season 2.
  6. Season 2 Battle Pass will cost the same. 950 Apex Coins for Battle Pass and 2800 for Battle Pass Bundle which will again have 25 levels unlocked with it. 1000 apex coins can be bought for $7.99. Thus Battle pass can be bought for $8. But you can earn your battle pass by earning apex coins through playing the game.

What is the next update of Apex Legends?

  1. A new legend named Watson may be entering the world of Wild Frontier. Is has electric powers. Its powers will be called Death Tesla Trap and Perimeter Security. This legend must be a defense character.
  2. Another weapon called the L-STAR may be introduced along with the update. A glimpse of this weapon can be seen in the Season1 trailer. It is an LMG.
  3. Also, there in the video of Season 1 trailer we see dragons flying in the sky. These are called Flyers. These may somehow be entwined with the gameplay, but how, we don’t know.

So, this was all about Season 2 and the next update of Apex legends. We will keep updating the article with new information as and when it comes.

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